Interested in using my music? Thanks so much! Although I can directly license some of my music to you, a lot of what I've written over the years has been published by a handful of licensing companies. Please get in touch with me (see the contact page), tell me the names of the tracks you want to use, and I'll connect you with the appropriate company. ​I have more or less switched to TV production music, but still have over 350 royalty free music tracks ready to license through Shockwave-Sound.

Selection of my royalty free work on Spotify and YouTube

Track name: Tech My World

Genre: Corporate-tech

Year: 2018

​Track name: Ode to the Machine

Genre: Electronic

Year: 2018

Track name: Create Something

Genre: Corporate

Year: 2015

Track name: Funk My Bass

Genre: Funk

Year: 2015