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I began writing music back in the very early 90s using Commodore Amiga computer. Earlier I owned C64 on which I learned assembly code and (what's more important) discovered a mysterious underground world of demoscene.


Well, it's a computer art subculture that specializes in producing demonstrations, graphics or music with retro machines. What's so cool about that? Limitations! Wise men say that limitations stimulate creativity ;)

During my demoscene career I was a member of groups like Illusion, Floppy, Pic Saint Loup and Brainstorm. Today, I'm still involved in the scene in some way, but it takes a back seat to other things. I'm co-organizing Ghostown group with my brother Slayer and you can definitely expect more Amiga releases from us in the future! That's actually funny. If someone had told me in 1992 that I would be still using Amiga in 2023, I would have probably laughed at him.

I'm also an editor of the polish language demoscene portal where I write, edit and proofread. As I got older, I started to be more and more interested in demoscene archeology.


I look back at some of the music I had made and it makes me cringe... Some people still like my old stuff because it reminds them of old times, but not for any artistic merit.

If you are interested in my demoscene work, I'd advise you to check the mighty Pouet website.

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