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I make music.

Mostly with a kick drum.
Sometimes with ukulele.


I was born in a log cabin, raised by wolves... Ah, screw it!

Music producer/sound designer/oh-what-a-good-dancer.

I started playing around with music back in 1992 using an ancient Commodore Amiga computer, but for a long time it was just a hobby. Things changed in early 2000s when I was offered, out of the blue, to make music for a mobile game. It has turned out decent enough and I began producing MIDI sounds for Java games for next couple of years. 

In 2009 I got myself involved in so-called library or production music and commenced creating background instrumentals for media. At the beginning I was doing stock music and then, in 2018, I switched to TV/film music libraries and never really looked back. And that's where I am today. ​Producing music in my control room surrounded by a ton of gear and feeling like Captain Kirk, especially when the postman rings the doorbell and I'm forced to put my pants on at a warp speed!

My music has been featured in many TV shows over the last couple of years. See the Placements section if interested.

In spare time I enjoy exploring retro-future funk territories with my project Melba or devote a bit of time to so-called retro computer demoscene. ​​​

Beyond that, give me a nice pair of naturals and I'm a happy boy.


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