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Melba is a retro-future funk project of Poland-based producer Piotr “Jazzcat” Pacyna. Debut EP was released in July 2017 on Tiger Grass Records.


Melba (formed in 2014) is a solo project of Wolsztyn-based producer Piotr “Jazzcat” Pacyna from Poland. Pitchup magazine describes Melba’s music as a "pleasant, harmonious blend of funk, house, soul and 80’s synth-pop" that combines electronics, vocals and real instruments.

Piotr has roots in the so-called demoscene. In 1992 he began making music on his Amiga computer and it was a terrible Italo disco-inspired sound! Luckily for everyone, all this early work vanished. He has been meticulously crafting his musical skills ever since, skiving off school occasionally, when he should have been learning maths or chemistry instead…

Today, he is focused on creating library/production music and game audio - most often background music. However, he wanted an outlet for tunes and songs suited for other settings than just games. And basically that’s how this EP was born. It's a piece of summery, feel-good music with some influences from Jamiroquai, Schmoov! or Incognito.

Debut EP was released in July 2017 on Tiger Grass Records.

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So, basically Melba is a one-man project and I'm holding the strings. Holding, not wearing!

A new album is already in the pipe – it will be a piece of brutal, hip-hop-fuelled country music with obscene/profane lyrics in

Hold on, hold on... Just kidding.

I’d like to say thanks to the following people: Renata Pacyna, Krzysztof “Horn” Rzeźnicki, Blaviken, Zbigniew Skoczek,
Tomasz „Slayer” Pacyna, Andrzej “Ezdrash” Kaczyński, Michał Kowalonek, Juha Kujanpää, Robert “Roberts” Szczepaniak,
Piotr “PSK” Skórka, Delyn, Dominik “Shileeth” Drgas.



​I've not really done write-ups, but I did feel the need to say a few words about each song.




































































Mastered by Dominik “Shileeth” Drgas.


​​The first version of this song came together in 2007 when I was working on audio for a mobile game for Gameleons. I was heavily influenced by the awesome “Playground” from Schmoov! that Marcin Cudzik sent me for inspiration - thank you, Marcin! A few years later, I decided to rework it - adding the melody, vocals, and making it chorus-verse structured.The lyrics are inspired by the works of Colin Wilson.


Vocals by: Delyn



This song came to life in 2012 as a library music track. I always felt it had potential to become something bigger, so I rebuilt it completely and added vocals. And then things started to roll. Lyrics are inspired by Colin Wilson and Neil Peart.


Vocals by: Andrzej „Ezdrash” Kaczyński, Delyn



Started in 2008, reworked in 2010 for an Amiga demo called “Human Traffic” and then rebuilt almost from scratch last year. The lyrics are pretty much nonsense, but they seemed to fit the Amiga project at least.


Vocals by: Michał Kowalonek, Wiktor Fiałkowski (vocoder)

Guitar by: Mateusz Palonek

Piano solo by: Juha “Dizzy” Kujanpää



Originally made in 2015 for an Amiga demo called “Sushi Boyz” using an ancient 8-bit Protracker format. I thought the melody was catchy and worth remaking/remixing with more contemporary technology. The child’s voice is my son's, and the phrase he sings vaguely resembles some peculiar song from “Mr. Kleks Academy” – an iconic movie for me growing up.


Voice: Bruno Pacyna

Guitar: Robert “Roberts” Szczepaniak



Now, there’s quite a funny story behind this track. In July 2012 I made a rough sketch and played it to my friend Blaviken. He liked it so much that he wanted to write a top line for it. I said why not, and… forgot about it. A few months later he sent me the melody played on tenor sax by Valerii Burianenko. I was floored! Thank you! Of course the song went through many incarnations before it got its final shape.


Saxophone: Valerii Burianenko

Bass guitar: Piotr “PSK” Skórka

Additional synth: Blaviken

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