I started making audio for mobile games back in the early 2000s. The list of titles that I’ve worked on may seem impressive on    first glance, but bear in mind that many of these were just small casual games.


Here are some projects that I've been involved in.



Cubis Creatures by (c) Fresh Games

The guys at Fresh Games have great attention to details - some of the sounds went through more than 10 revisions before they were accepted. But the end result was worth it. Fun fact: I used my voice sent through a vocoder to produce some of the effects. 

Zombie Road Trip by (c) Noodlecake Studios Inc

The rules are simple here - escape the zombie horde or have your brain eaten! :) Awesome and addictive game. I remember having a great time producing all these injured zombie sounds - my throat was sore for like two days! Ingame music is a dark, powerful rock track, while in the menu they wanted to have a 70s' styled elevator muzak. Perhaps a bit of an odd combination, but it works.

Kube Rush by (c) Mass Creation


Pretty cool twitch game where the music responds to the player's touches and each cube plays a different instrument sound. Besides trying to keep alive you can also try to make a nice song!

Escape the Titanic by (c) Fresh Games


Working on sound effects was fun - I remember scraping the kitchen’s floor with various objects to mimic the sound of furniture sliding on the deck of the ship :) I also had to make a retro, 1920-styled dance tune that was needed for the ball scene.